BCG develops and manages advocacy campaigns and programs that assist in creating positive images and public opinions among policy makers in local, state, and federal legislatures, the media and general public. The most successful entrepreneurs in this new industry are singularly focused on creating good relationships with their patients, physicians and government officials, and being viewed as contributing members in their communities. We’ve worked with numerous companies in the industry to assist them in accomplishing these goals.

After several years of research and participation in industry meetings and discussions, BCG has developed significant relationships that are second to none. Those relationships include but are not limited to the following:

  • Cannabis Industry Associations
  • Trade Media
  • Federal, State and Local Elected Officials and Staff
  • Licensed Cultivators and Dispensary Owners throughout the United States
  • Brand Manufacturers of various products including edibles and beverages
  • Physicians and Educators that are experts in the use and effects of medical marijuana
  • Researchers, Attorneys, Insurance Brokers, Financial Analysts, Security Experts, Investors

BCG is a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association and served on the Steering Committee of the National Cannabis Festival in Washington, DC.

BCG has the relationships, tools and know-how that are necessary to create the positive public reception needed for success in the cannabis area. Whether you are actively engaged in the cannabis industry or plan on entering into the arena, BCG can provide valuable assistance in creating the necessary communications and advocacy campaigns needed for success. Our advocacy work supports our clients’ efforts in maximizing their potential growth in this evolving and ever changing industry.